The Medical Marketing Group’s Answering Service For Doctors Office

Looking for answering service for doctors office can be stressful. There a so many unknowns related to answering service for doctors office, like  how much does answering service for doctors office cost?  Is the company offering answering service for doctors office reputable?

Medical care isn’t a 9-5 phenomenon.  Patients need service and assistance 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The Medical Marketing Group  appreciates the unique industry requirements for answering service for doctors office, and we have the equipment and expertise to provide patients with efficient, confidential and professional inbound call service, whether they need scheduling, call routing or merely stellar customer care service at any time of the day or night.

We understand that many patients view doctor’s appointments as grim and, sometimes, frightening. We strive to remove that dread from the hearts of your patients and create easy and reassuring patient/care provider interactions with our best in class answering service for doctors office.  Our focus is to make patients enthusiastic about visiting their physicians. It may seem like a tall order, but we are more than willing to fill it. We are physician fanciers, after all. If your office wants to broadcast the great and unique services offered by your clinic in order to boost your client list and fill empty slots on your schedule, we can offer strategies that can turn prospective patients into regular patients. You have years of medical expertise, a nurturing staff and all of the latest state of the art medical equipment; we want to make that known.

The Medical Marketing Group offers fully trained personnel, and we fully recognize all privacy laws and strongly adhere to HIPAA regulations. Our agents are professional, affectionate and more than willing to help you to offer your patients the highest quality care possible. You get the best answering service for doctors office.

Having a live agent at your disposal 24 hours per day is an invaluable Customer Care tool for doctors office. Using a live person enables you to organize and prioritize your inbound calls for your office.

Answering Service for Doctors Office

The Medical Marketing Group’s answering service for doctors office is an efficient, value added resource for managing your call flow and messaging while you attend to your vendors, marketing strategies and other aspects of your rapidly expanding business. The Medical Marketing Group offers several methods for message delivery. If you prefer real time email notification, we can have our agents send you an email, fax, text or instant message. If you find it easier to check in periodically to retrieve your messages, you can use our online service that allows you access to the messages as they come in. You can schedule message notification to one or several email addresses. We can even have our agents call your designated line and deliver messages live in a concise and engaging manner.

Our call routing service enables us to contact you using your dedicated telephone number and alert you to urgent calls that you want to handle personally. Once you confirm your availability, we then transfer the call to your own line. We can either place the caller on hold, or use a live patch service which enables us to speak to you while keeping the caller on the line.

Staff Dedicated to Answering Service for Doctors Office

Our enthusiastic team of call center representatives is not only eager to handle all of your inbound call and customer care needs, each member is trained in the art of coaxing satisfaction out of the most disgruntled client.


Agent Training for Answering Service for Doctors Office

All of our virtual receptionists undergo mandatory training, not only in the use of our state of the art software systems and computerized telephonic equipment, but also in client/representative interactions. We view training as an ongoing phenomenon and a continual learning experience, not just a one-time-only seminar and exam. All of our staff is subject to periodic customer care refresher sessions, technological update training and quality assurance screening. We want to make sure that our agents are consistently able to provide clients with the highest level of customer service.

Our Soothing Yet Persuasive Voices We don’t mean to brag, but each and every one of our professional communications agents has a vocal tenor soothing enough to lull your screaming baby to sleep or convince a state trooper to let you off with a mere warning. We know that the voice behind the brand makes an impression, and we want our agents to represent your company with dignity and professionalism.

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Our Philosophy About  Answering Service for Doctors Office


We want our staff to want to work with us, so we make sure that we offer competitive benefits packages and generous incentives programs, including:

• Performance benefits

• Anniversary recognition perks

• Employee of the month

• Holiday bonuses

We take pride in offering our staff a secure and happy work environment, and want to recognize their great efforts, and ensure that they continue to offer outstanding service. We also work closely with different charities and organize benefits on behalf of local nonprofit community service organizations. We strive to make a difference not only for our clients, but for our society at large.