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The Medical Marketing Group of Beverly Hills is not your typical medical marketing company. Founded by Marc Belanger and Hallie Stafford, the  executives who helped transform  Lifestyle Lift from a local Detroit medical practice into the largest and most successful plastic surgery group in the country, The Medical Marketing Group stands out with unmatched, real life operational and marketing experience that you can’t find anywhere else. That means the medical marketing solutions and services .

The Medical Marketing Group offers affordable, professional and proven solutions for website design and internet marketing. Our services include beautifully pre-optimized websites, social marketing, professional HD video, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads by a Google certified account manager, and expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Website Design

Establish a strong online presence for your practice with a beautifully designed, personalized website engineered to pass Google desktop PageSpeed Insights with flying colors.  Find out more…


Social Media


Keep your practice in the forefront of your clients’ minds with regular posts to your friends, followers and fans and begin to proactively manage your reputation. Our Social Media Solution extends your online reach, solidifies your online brand, and can increase the number of favorable online reviews.  Find out more…


Search Engine Optimization


Everyone knows there is a strong correlation between search ranking and the number of visitors on your page and our experienced Google certified consultants know how to optimize your page and turn those visitors into patients. Fueled by analytics, our goal is to maximize your online presence and get you to the first page of Google by developing solid strategies around select keywords, as well as on-page and site-wide optimization.  Find out more…





PPC offers a great complement to your Internet marketing strategy to quickly acquire new patients.  Your dedicated Google Adwords Certified Account Manager’s sole focus is to generate high quality leads for the procedures you most desire at the lowest cost possible for the best Return On Investment (ROI).

After thorough keyword and key phrase research, your dedicated account manager will launch dynamic ad campaigns as well as retargeting campaigns across the Google and/or Bing network and YouTube to generate quality, targeted traffic to your website overnight.  Find out more…




Add custom, high definition, broadcast quality videos and still photographs to your online presence. Video is one of the most effective ways to engage potential patients and build their trust of the doctors and staff at your practice. It keeps visitors on your website longer, which improves patient conversion rates. Find out more…



Service Portofolio


Is your medical team delivering all of the care it can to your patients? It’s important that your patients are aware of the full experience and skills of your medical team so they don’t look for related services from another healthcare provider. You might also consider adding a complimentary care provider to your medical practice.

Making the most of every patient opportunity is key and the marketing solutions offered by The Medical Marketing Group will help you do just that. Contact us.


Referral Network


The Medical Marketing Group can help maximize the new patient referrals your medical practice receives from current patients and complimentary service providers in your area. Getting your current patients to talk about you is easy if you and your team exceed their expectations with courteous, comfortable care they trust. If they like you and believe in your medical skills, the natural outflow will be to tell their friends and family all about it.

Every medical practice also needs reciprocal relationships with reputable, like-minded medical professionals that can supplement your patient care with the necessary services your team is unable to provide. The key here is reciprocity, because your office must also be a part of their referral network too. Contact us. 


Custom Web Portal

All roads, or links, lead back to your website.  It is the foundation of your web strategy.  Your website must convince readers that your team offers the best medical care possible, using the latest techniques and delivered by knowledgeable, compassionate doctors. Whether you need a new site or a refresh of you current one, The Medical Marketing Group will:

  • Create an appealing, professional, and unique site design with intuitive navigation.
  • Develop engaging content that will inform, engage and sell current and potential patients on your services.
  • Optimize the structure and coding of the site to make it quick, viewable, and “search engine friendly”.

Your website should convey the essence of your practice in digital form. Our specialty is making your capabilities and specialties break through all the world-wide web clutter and pop. Also, ask us about a mobile site to complement your website. The Medical Marketing Group can also develop a mobile app that works on smart phones and tablets, keeping your on-the-go patients conveniently connected at all times. Contact us. 


Traditional Media


Successful media plans are based on the agreed marketing and communications goals of your medical practice and the demographics and psychographics of your target prospects.  The talented and experienced team at The Medical Marketing Group then goes to work to research and select the best and most cost effective media channels to achieve your objectives.

Traditional media to be considered are:  national and local television (both broadcast and cable), network and local radio programming, outdoor, digital, newspaper and magazine.  Of course, the work is not done with negotiation and placement of the ads.  The Medical Marketing Group also measures the performance data in order to quantify results and optimize subsequent media plans.  It all comes back to meeting your marketing objectives in an overwhelming, timely and economical fashion. Contact us. 




The Medical Marketing Group will work with you to create great collateral materials that attract attention and quickly explain the benefits and services of your medical practice.  A professional  brochure will actually attract new patients, impress referring doctors, build your reputation and brand, sell additional services and generate patient referrals.

After careful consideration of patient touch points within your community, we will develop both the materials and an effective distribution strategy to get them in the hands of the right folks.  It may include an email newsletter summarizing a current illness with prevention tips and a treatment regime, waiting room handouts highlighting new office services, or flyers introducing partnerships with complimentary medical providers.

Our team has the creative and management prowess to create a coordinated portfolio of printed materials that will inform, provide helpful medical information, and set your practice apart as the most professional and caring option. Contact us. 


Reputation Management


A positive online reputation is essential for today’s successful medical practice. The Medical Marketing Group ensures that search results for your name and office contain positive information and can also protect your practice from negative press by responding to and de-emphasizing bad reviews.

Maintaining a positive online reputation is critical in today’s competitive healthcare marketplace. The World Wide Web is an incredibly powerful tool, when used effectively. On the flip side, web content can also be very damaging if it is not proactively managed. The Medical Marketing Group will ensure that the positive news about your practice is widely available and will also protect you from costly negative reviews and comments. Contact us.


Public Relations

The Medical Marketing Group has extensive public relations experience and is expert at facilitating news coverage, proactively creating press opportunities and deftly responding to precarious inquires that could turn negative. We aggressively solicit media coverage on your behalf, working with writers and editors to suggest novel story ideas or to gain coverage of a specific announcement. News avenues that may be targeted include local business or medical publications, daily and weekly newspapers and local TV and radio programing.

Routinely secured coverage includes feature coverage, sidebar stories, patient case studies, executive profiles, and by-lined articles. Once the media opportunity is in hand, The Medical Marketing Group manages the process for best results. Lastly, we provide timely status reports and news/video clips of secured coverage.  Our goal is to present your medical practice and its care providers in the best light within news outlets that lend credibility and boost your reputation. Contact us. 


Patient Flow


The patient flow through your medical office deserves careful consideration and planning. How would you like the receptionist to greet people? When the nurse calls the patient into the examination area, what should she do and say on the way to the room? If the doctor is running late, does someone acknowledge this and set expectations with the patient? And what about those people who call for an appointment but never actually come in?

Once they’ve expressed interest, a simple follow-up call could be all that’s needed to persuade them to actually come in. Make sure that your all-important patients are getting the right messages, at the right time, and delivered by the right person. The Medical Marketing Group will help by charting your current patient flow and suggesting improvements to optimize your team’s ability to provide quality care. Contact us. 


Direct Response


Email use has exploded in recent years. More than 75 percent of adults in the United States are connected via the internet and email (that’s almost 250 million people).  Email is cheaper and faster than a letter and less intrusive than a phone call and when using email, differences in location and timezone are not a factor.

Direct mail is another attractive option for medical practitioners, as it communicates a lot of information and can be targeted to reach almost any demographic for a relatively low cost. Direct mail messages are delivered in many formats, including letters, newsletters, postcards and brochures.

The Medical Marketing Group can create effective direct response communications for your practice.  We will develop meaningful messages with impactful graphics for delivery via the US mail or email.  Both are very economical means of promotion with the ability to target prospective patients in your local community. Contact us. 


Patient Survey


Asking your medical patients for feedback is a powerful tool.  It makes them feel important and listened to and also provides critical information that will help you improve the quality of care received they receive.

Getting the patients’ perspective about things such as the friendliness of your team, how comfortable they found your office, and most importantly, how likely are they to return – this information is invaluable when it comes to ensuring a positive patient experience.

A survey by The Medical Marketing Group will help identify any weaknesses with your office’s service delivery, helping to maximize patient returns and grow your medical practice to new heights of success. Contact us. 


Staff Recruitment & Development


You know that customer service is fundamental and hiring the right people to serve your all-important patients is essential.  How do you find and recognize the people with the right skills and attitude?

From the front desk greeting, to the nurse who takes patient vitals, to the medical practitioners – they all must be focused on making your patients feel welcome and providing friendly, quality care. Then, once you’ve assembled the right talent for your team, how do you make sure they work together cooperatively, are focused on continuous improvement, and also keep abreast of the latest medical news and methods?

The Medical Marketing Group will provide expert management advice and program that will keep your medical practice running smoothly, with happy employees, and highly-satisfied patients to boot. Contact us. 



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